Steve Silber, Sherman Silber, Joan Silber
Reproduction & Calving Season in Africa – "Last Chance to See"

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Time Details: 5:30PM Business Meeting
6:00PM Cocktails & Passed Hors d’oeuvres
7:45PM Presentation

Business Casual Dress, No Denim
Location: Location included on invitations mailed to members and friends


It’s February 2012, we’re in the Ndutu region of the Serengeti in East Africa and Northeast Tanzania in the middle of calving season and the migration. We’ve been to Africa for 20 years trumping through this wilderness, videoing and making myriads of journal entries of the wildlife, their habits, their mating patterns and their reproductive behavior, because this fits in with what I study in humans. Every time I come to this area of Africa I feel like I’m coming home. Of course it’s the Rift Valley, it’s Olduvai Gorge, it’s Lake Ndutu, it’s where humankind fossils were first found, it is where everybody assumes mankind had its origin. And it feels that way. It feels like the Garden of Eden. It feels like you’re home when you come to Africa. But this East African wilderness is being disastrously encroached upon. It’s being threatened by cell phones, advancing population and tourists and cars, and the wild areas are getting smaller and smaller. So as Douglas Adams said in his famous book, this is “your last chance to see.” It is February 2012 and the wild Africa that we treasure so much (our heart & home lives there), wild Africa does not have much longer and this is your “last chance to see.”

Steve Silber has spent the last 4 years in Alaska re-establishing Chulitna Lodge, a wilderness retreat 180 miles from the nearest road. See pictures and listen to tales of subsistence living in the Alaskan wilderness and the transformation of a piece of property on Lake Clark. From its St. Louis born homesteaders of the 1930’s who built the original cabin, through its reconstruction and present day ‘bush luxury state’ of a compound with over 18 buildings, old world charm still pervades. However, new technology, such as renewable energy systems, and more modern irrigation allow low environmental impact while increasing comfort, stability, and cost. A combination of non-profit and for-profit programing include, an artist-in-residence program, health and spiritual workshops, and one of a kind vacations for fishing hunting and flight-based photography. These are just part of Chulitna Lodge’s goal; sharing our love for exploration of our world’s most remote locations, and hopefully perpetuating an ethic of doing so responsibly.

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