Justin Grubb is hosting two local events in early June. One is starting on June 1st where he will have a wildlife photo exhibition featured at the St Louis Library Central Branch in the Carnegie Gallery. We are having an opening reception at 6:00 pm with some light refreshments and some snacks.

Here is the link for more information.

Justin is also hosting a screening of one of his most recent films about hellbenders. This film titled “Hellbent” premiered and won best short documentary at the New York WILD Film Festival hosted at the Explorers Club this past March and has been making its way through the festival circuit since.

From Justin, “I am excited to finally premier the film in St Louis.” This event will take place on June 3rd at 6:00 pm at the Arkadine Cinema with the screening of the film followed by a panel featuring Justin and the hellbender conservation team from the St Louis Zoo. This event is sponsored by the local St Louis Association of American Zookeepers.

Here is the link for more information on that event.

Here is more information about the film.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Justin at justin@runningwild.media.


Explorers Club – St. Louis


Explorers Club – St. Louis

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The Explorers Club is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore.

Since its inception in 1904, the Club has served as a meeting point and unifying force for explorers and scientists worldwide. Our headquarters is located at 46 East 70th Street in New York City.

Founded in New York City in 1904, The Explorers Club promotes the scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space by supporting research and education in the physical, natural and biological sciences. The Club’s members have been responsible for an illustrious series of famous firsts: First to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, first to the surface of the moon—all accomplished by our members.

The Club provides expedition resources including funding, online information, and member-to-member consultation. And our famed annual dinners honor accomplishments in exploration. But probably the most powerful resource available to those who join the Club is fellowship with other members—a global network of expertise, experience, technology, industry, and support. The Explorers Club actively encourages public interest in exploration and the sciences through its public lectures program, publications, travel program, and other events. The Club also maintains Research Collections, including a library and map room, to preserve the history of the Club and to assist those interested and engaged in exploration and scientific research.

2021 Co chairs, St. Louis chapter of the Explorers Club, Cindy Peters and Tom Schlafly, at Lewis & Clark Museum, St Charles, MO, overlooking the Missouri River spot where Lewis and Clark started their 2 year voyage of discovery to the Pacific Ocean.

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The Explorers Club Saint Louis
c/o Thomas Schlafly
Thompson Coburn LLP
One US Bank Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101