The World Is Just Barely Enough

by Jeannette Cooperman published in St. Louis Magazine May 29, 2009 John Wall—cliff-scaler, car-racer, skydiver—is convinced we’re all extremophiles. (Perhaps he’s projecting.) We’re in the dining room of the Racquet Club East, John Wall’s laptop open on the white linen tablecloth. At the top of the screen,

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7 Adventure Books to Read Now

I hope you are all well and coping with our confinement. I’m so glad St. Louis County has reopened most of our parks, especially on such a beautiful day! “The thing about books is they let you travel without moving your feet” Jhumpa Lahiri.  Lotsie suggests this

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Jim Fowler Memorial Service

The Explorers Club will hold a special memorial service to honor and celebrate the life of Jim Fowler MED’66 at Club Headquarters on Friday, May 31st. The Club has a long-standing tradition of honoring those members who have gone on to higher exploration. Before a roaring fire,

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The Secret Travel Club That’s Been Everywhere

Fellow Explorers: We are delighted to share with you a recent in-depth look at The Explorers Club written for the BBC. Published worldwide, the report centers on the pillars of the Club’s strategic building blocks as outlined at the last TEC Board meeting by Club President Richard

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Community of Bameno Presentation on Jan 4

Join us at The Saint Louis Woman’s Club January 4, 2019 for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime program featuring Penti Baihua, Chief of the Waorani Community of Bameno Through his interpreter, Chief Penti will explain the plight of his people to preserve and protect their rain forest homeland and

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St. Louis Magazine Features St. Louis Explorers Club

Falling in Love with the World Climbers, botanists, deep-sea divers…The adventurers of St. Louis have kept an Explorers Club chapter running for 30 years. by Jeannette Cooperman in Hand burning on the rope, Gig Gwin slid the last of the 50-foot drop and walked along a

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The Great St. Louis Eclipse

by Marguerite Garrick MN’03 published in The Explorers Log, Fall 2017 To our considerable relief, August 21, 2017 dawned clear and hot. All of us had been anxiously watching the rapidly changing weather forecasts, praying that no clouds would mar our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a total solar eclipse in our own backyard. This

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Damien Mander and the International Anti-Poaching Foundation

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 the Explorers Club St. Louis dinner program featured conservationist and anti-poaching activist Damien Mander. Damien used his life savings and liquidated his assets to fund the start-up and running costs of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation – an organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of

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