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The beautiful photos on our website were taken by the Chapter Members:
Lotsie Holton, MN97, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Borneo, Madagascar, Komodo Dragon
Cindy Peters, MN07, Mount Everest, Everest Base Camp, Antarctica, Myanmar, Republic of Congo, Borneo, Easter Island
Marguerite Garrick, MN03, Kenya, Galapagos
Dr. Sherm Silber, MN98, Alaska, 2017 Eclipse, Antarctica
Joel Sartore, Endangered Wolf Center, Anna the Mexican Gray Wolf
Dr. David A Galbraith, St. Louis Eclipse of 2017

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(left to right) Lotsie Holton, Gregg Maryniak, Peter Diamandis, Cindy Peters
St. Louis Explorers Chapter Co-Chairs Tom Schlafly and Cindy Peters
Beautiful Quilt just donated to Lewis & Clark museum with names of all men on voyage of discovery
(Left to right) Tom Schlafly, Tricia Schlafly, Ulrike Schlafly, David Holton, Kristen Peterson, Ted Bakewell
Tom & Ulrike Schlafly, dinner hosts Schlafly Brewery, St. Charles , following tour of Lewis & Clark Museum
blue footed boobies
Dr. Sherman and Joan Silber in Alaska
Lotsie Holton in Papua New Guinea
Dr. Sherman Silber
Komodo Dragon
Orangutan in Borneo
Cindy Peters on her medical expedition to Everest Base Camp
L to R: Lotsie Holton, Ted Bakewell, Cindy Peters
Becky Duane and JJ Stupp getting ready to view the eclipse
Cindy Peters and Lotsie Holton with lemurs in Madagascar
Jessie Ternberg and Mabel Purkerson are joined by Lorie Karnath (past president of the Explorers Club) and Dickinson College students Zev Greenberg and Trevor Griesman at the May 2015 Frontiers of Molecular Sciences Symposia held at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
In November our Chapter members and friends were absolutely wowed by the fascinating and entertaining talk given by Paleontologist Dr. Phil M
In November our Chapter members and friends were absolutely wowed by the fascinating and entertaining talk given by Paleontologist Dr. Phil M
Solar Impulse in its inflatable mobile hangar, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, June 6, 2013.
Dr. Sherman Silber on his visit to the North Pole.
Rick Holton and Lotsie Hermann Holton on Everest.
Interior of Graham Chapel at the Memorial Service and Celebration of the Life of Steve Fossett. Prominently displayed were the Explorers Club flag and a portrait of WU alum and Explorer Steve Fossett in Chicago.
Mark Alexander, Anne Doubilet, Benjamin Hulsey, and Julie Alexander at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner, March 2012, New York City.
Lotsie Hermann Holton and Rick Holton join Peggy Fossett (center) at the May 1, 2008 Memorial Service for Steve Fossett.
Mabel Purkerson wearing a traditional African headdress while at an Explorers Club St. Louis meeting.
Walt Crawford and Jim Fowler at the St. Louis Zoo.
Cherri and Richard Briggs at an Explorers Club St. Louis meeting in December.
Ann Busch, Adolphus Busch, Trudy Busch, Fred McLaren, and Avery Russell at Grants Farm.
Peter Diamandis, Chairman of the X-Prize competition.
Erik Lindbergh, Johnathon Conrad, Burt Rutan, Lotsie Holton, Peter Diamandis in the Mojave with SpaceShipOne.
Marlin and Carol Perkins in Africa.
Bob Hermann, Steve Fossett, and Lotsie Hermann Holton at Busch Stadium.
Audrey Jung, Jim Fowler and Audrey’s grandaughter at the St. Louis Zoo.
Gig Gwin on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.
Sir Edmund Hillary and Lotsie Hermann Holton.
Cindy Peters and Lotsie Holton at a Borneo orangutan feeding station, 2014.
Bob Haldiman (with orangutan) in Gunung Sibuantan, Sumatra, Indonesia, 1996.
Lotsie Hermann Holton with endangered Kiwi, New Zealand, 2016.
Eliot Herman at Tufi Island, Papua New Guinea (November 2012).
Leonard Sonnenschein with village women in Hyderabad, India, July 20, 2011. Sonnenschein was in Hyderabad observing rural farming for the Youth Voices in Conservation’s GreenLeaf Program, an initiative that addresses localized sustainability issues and provides a methodology for decreasing carbon footprints and increasing financial sustainabilities within each community.
Bob Haldiman atop MacKinnon Pass, 1154 meters above the valley floor, Milford Track, South Island, New Zealand, 1996.
Bob Haldiman passes the Arctic Circle on his motorcycle trip to the Arctic Ocean, 1995.
Eleanor Bergquist, Cindy Peters & Amanda Peters at Everest Base Camp during the Cauldwell Xtreme Everest Medical Expedition in 2007.
Leonard Sonnenschein with rag pickers in Delhi, India, October 18, 2011 – another project that is part of the Youth Voices in Conservation’s GreenLeaf Program.
Leonard Sonnenschein in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India during a fisheries research trip on April 12, 2010. This trip formed the foundation of Sonnenshein’s book, Conservation of Fishes in Kerala, India.
Moai overlooking the ocean, Easter Island (Eliot Herman).
Fiona and Randy Woods landing on a remote ridge in Colorado during the Snowmass Balloon Festival, September 2010. The Woods ran the race for many years, and returned to compete in 2010 for the first time in seventeen years.
Lotsie Holton flying in a microlight over Victoria Falls-Oct 2009.
Cherri Briggs, Mabel Purkerson, Lotsie Holton, Cindy Peters in Zambia with local farmers, September 2009.
St. Louis Explorers Club members Mabel Purkerson and Ted Bakewell stand in front of a mud mosque in Mopti, Mali, during a February 2008 trip to the Rivers of West Africa and Timbuktu.
Total Solar Eclipse montage, July 11, 2010, Easter Island (Eliot Herman).
Benjamin Hulsey (left) and Chandler Taylor (center) at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Benjamin Hulsey at NASA’s Spaceward Bound Mojave 2007 project.
Dr. Steven Clift, Mabel Purkerson, Ted Bakewell, and Anna Clift pose with the Explorers Club flag during their February 2008 trip to West Africa and Timbuktu. The Clifts are Little Rock, Arkansas-based members of TEC.
Jim Thompson in his balloon over a Mojave lava field.
Mabel Purkerson hiking in Switzerland.
Benjamin Hulsey and Jim Thompson at NASA’s Spaceward Bound Mojave 2007 project.
Dr. Sherman Silber on a fishing trip in Alaska.
Barry Moss (London Chapter Chair), Faanya Rose (Past NYC President), and Lotsie Hermann Holton (St. Louis Chapter Chair) on a trip to India.

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