About Us


St. Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Chapter of The Explorers Club was founded in 1988 by Audrey Spafford Jung who also served as our first Chairman. Audrey, a cave explorer, was one of the first women admitted as a member of The Explorers Club.

Our current Chairman is Cynthia S. Peters.

Our illustrious past Chairmen have been:

1) Audrey Spafford Jung
2) Robert Stupp
3) Carol M. Perkins
4) Lotsie Hermann Holton
6) Mabel L. Purkerson
7) Benjamin H. Hulsey
8) Marguerite P. Garrick


We meet for speaker dinner programs from September through May, and often plan a chapter adventure in the summer months.



Chairman: Cynthia S. Peters

Vice Chair: Marguerite Garrick

Secretary: Dr. Bruce Chalker

 Assistant Secretary: Tom Schlafly, Esq.

Treasurer: John Hume

Assistant Treasurer: TBD

Membership Chair: Mabel Purkerson


Benjamin Hulsey, Chairman Emeritus

Mabel Purkerson, Chairman Emerita

Lotsie Holton, Chairman Emerita

Audrey Spafford Jung emerging from a cave adventure

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The Explorers Club Saint Louis
c/o Marguerite Perkins Garrik
886 Queen Anne Place
St. Louis, Missouri 63122

Email ritey1951@aol.com