X Prize Mojave – September 29, 2004

XPRIZE race to space with peter Diamandis, Erik Lindbergh & Bert Rutan by Lotsie H. Holton

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The St. Louis Chapter honors Erick Cedeno, One of the EC50 for 2022

Erick Cedeño with (L to R): Dana Schlafly, August Schlafly, Patty Hillis, Mark Hillis & Tom Schlafly On July 24th friends of The St. Louis Chapter honored Erick Cedeno, one of the EC50 for 2022, at The Missouri History Museum.  The occasion was Erick’s completion of a 1,900Read more

St. Louis Explorers Visit SMARTT Field

Bob Lawrence & Tee Baur Monday, May 23, 2022 Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing SMARTT Field Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing, SMARTT Field (St. Charles County Smartt Airport, 6390 Grafton Ferry Road, Portage des Sioux, St. Charles County, MO  63373 Google Map) The Missouri Wing of the CommemorativeRead more

St. Louis Explorers Club Featured in Ladue News

By Drew Gieseke Jan 21, 2022 Updated Jan 27, 2022 In many ways, life is less mysterious now than ever before. With a few taps on a smartphone, a person can discover everything about the known world, from history and culture to science and the arts. Languages

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Wild Africa In The Time of COVID by Sherman J. Silver, M.D.

I hope you will all enjoy in this video what I learned from my raw experience in east Africa during Covid in the absence of tourists. It is a deep exploration of the interactions and struggles of all life in an unintruded African wilderness. I hope you

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St. Louis Chapter of Explorers Club Gives Gift to St. Louis Zoo

Chairman, St. Louis chapter, Cindy Peters At Marlin Perkins night, “ wild lights at the zoo“  This penguin sculpture was donated by our chapter. Bravo!

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Explorers Club St. Louis encourages scientific exploration and field research

Published in St. Louis Mag BY JEN ROBERTS NOVEMBER 16, 2021 7:00 AM When the members are not exploring, they’re often learning from fellow explorers, such as Peter Diamandis, named one of Fortune’s “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” On a recent Tuesday night, members of the Explorers Club St.

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Lewis and Clark Boat House – Robert Foster, Executive Director

The Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum brings the remarkable journey of 1803-06 to life at our riverfront base of operations in historic St. Charles, Missouri. And we share the story of the Expedition at destinations throughout the Midwest via our unique traveling fleet of replica

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Sharing the Joy of Exploration

The St. Louis Chapter of the Explorers’ Club looks to the legacy of Lewis and Clark as they keep the spirit of exploration alive in the 21st century. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE ST. CHARLES COUNTY COMMUNITY NEWS

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Modern Day adventurers in the Explorers Club delve into Lewis & Clark History

Published by LC Boat House on October 22, 2021 Past, present and future exploration intertwined Oct. 20 at the Boat House with a visit from the St. Louis chapter of the Explorers Club of St. Louis. The Explorers Club is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of

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