Mission Jurassic: Searching for dinosaur bones

Dr. Phil Manning, who was our guest speaker two years ago, has been featured by BBC News.

Check out the online article HERE!

Women in the Wild

Wild Kingdom Host and Wildlife Conservationist and Educator, Stephanie Arne gave an inspiring talk recently in a joint program Co-hosted by The Explorers Club St. Louis Chapter, The St. Louis Zoo, and  The Academy of Science.

Stephanie Arne and St Louis Chapter Chair Marguerite Perkins Garrick

Jim Fowler Memorial Service

The Explorers Club will hold a special memorial service to honor and celebrate the life of Jim Fowler MED’66 at Club Headquarters on Friday, May 31st. The Club has a long-standing tradition of honoring those members who have gone on to higher exploration. Before a roaring fire, in the historic Clark Room, Members and guests will toast Jim with a glass of whiskey (or another libation) and toss their glass into the open fire.

Jim Fowler, one of the world’s best-known naturalists, presented information about wildlife and wilderness to the American public on television for more than 50 years. He first served with Marlin Perkins as co-host and later became host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and also hosted Mutual of Omaha’s Spirit of Adventure. Those programs received many awards including four Emmys and an endorsement by the National PTA for family viewing. In addition to ongoing appearances on many network talk shows, Fowler was the wildlife correspondent for NBC’s Today Show and a regular on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Fowler graduated with degrees in zoology and geology from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and is internationally recognized as an authority on predatory birds. He pursued a graduate degree by conducting the first studies of the world’s largest eagle, the harpy, in the wilds of the Amazon, and later tracked the movements of the Andean condor in Peru. His studies were interrupted by a career of travel and television.

He worked with many wildlife and conservation projects throughout the world. In 1994 he received the prestigious Explorers Club Medal, the Club’s highest honor, and later served variously as the Club’s Honorary Chair, Honorary President, as well as an Honorary Director. He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa from Earlham College and the 2003 Lindbergh Award, which recognizes individuals for significant contributions toward the balance of technology and nature. In 2012, he received the National Conservation Achievement Award in Education from the National Wildlife Federation.

Jim is survived by his wife Betsey, his children Mark & Carrie, and two grandchildren.

Date: Friday, May 31

Time: 6:00 pm Check-in, 7:00 pm Service, Reception to Follow

Location: Club Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

This memorial is free of charge, and open to Members and their guests. To secure a place at the memorial, please call us at 212.628.8383 or email us at

Marguerite Perkins Garrick Remembers Jim Fowler

I was so sorry to learn dear Jim was gone, but glad he went peacefully, surrounded by his beloved family.

I remember vividly the first time I met him. I was nine years old and we were on the sidewalk outside our apartment building in Chicago. Wild Kingdom was taking shape and Jim had been hired as my dad’s cohost. He was so tall and good looking with that marvelous deep, rich voice that I’ll always remember it.

I’ve so many happy memories of him, like Jim diving into our backyard pool for a swim before dinner on our porch in Clayton. He must have been in town doing voice over work after they moved the set to a studio in St. Louis; he came to dinner a lot during those years; my parents were also so fond of him.

And I remember he took us all one day outside St. Louis to an open field where he flew his birds. I was so impressed by the trust he’d built with these beautiful raptors; It was magical to 12 year old me.

Then as the years passed I’d see him at special events like those Mutual of Omaha gatherings where he and my dad posed for a thousand photos with salesmen. And of course I’d see him and often his family at ECADs, but he was so popular and in demand, there was never time for more than a quick hug.

When I lived in D. C. I was working for Friends of The National Zoo when the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day was approaching.

I asked Jim to come down to do live feeds to the Today Show in front of the Pandas, and he said he’d love to. I cherish that memory of Jim being the perfect, charming spokesman for endangered species with Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing munching bamboo in the background.

One of the last times my mother Carol went out was to go to the Zoo ( St. Louis Zoo, of course ) to receive a lifetime achievement award. Jim was there to present it to her and then he spoke. He made her so happy that night by refreshing her fading memory with so many good ones, and making her laugh, and laugh.  I’ll never stop being grateful.

I’m trying to recall the last time I saw him to really talk to and I think it was at a dinner Benjamin Hulsey gave during an ECAD weekend several years ago at The Racquet Club in NYC. I was seated with him and we had a great time reminiscing and talking about conservation issues. He talked a lot about his many projects, and efforts to reach the hearts and minds of people to convince them wildlife and habitat preservation were vital. How lucky I was to have that time with him.

He was such a strong voice for wild animal’s survival his whole life, impacting millions of people.

My deepest sympathy to Betsy, Carrie, and Mark. It’s the end of an era, and we’ve all lost one of our most respected and beloved advocates for wildlife conservation, and a really stellar human being.

With love,


Marguerite Perkins Garrick

Seeing Red in the Fossil Record

Read about the latest discovery of Dr. Phil Manning who spoke to our Chapter in 2017 in this New York Times article:

Seeing Red in the Fossil Record

A discovery in a fossilized mouse could help scientists work out the true colors of dinosaurs and other creatures from prehistory.

A false color synchrotron X-ray image of a fossilized mouse. The yellow regions are rich in zinc and sulfur, suggesting the mouse’s fur had red pigments.CreditCreditNature Communications


Explorers Club Annual Dinner 2019

Thank you to our Chapter Member Eliot Herman, Professor at The University of Arizona’s School of Plant Sciences for sharing these photos from this year’s ECAD.

Apollo Astronauts Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, who accompanied Cernan to the lunar surface in December 1972; Apollo 11’s Buzz Aldrin; Apollo 12’s Alan Bean; Apollo 15’s David Scott; and Apollo 16’s John Young and Charles Duke.

Chapter member, Eliot Herman, Professor University of Arizona School of Plant Science, with his guest, Monica.

Eliot and Monica with Astronaut Jay Apt.

Explorers Club Annual Dinner (ECAD) celebrates 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing

Dear Fellow Explorer:

Our great thanks to all of you for making ECAD 2019 – saluting the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Walk and the Apollo Astronauts – the most successful ECAD ever!

  • Record attendance, with close to 1,700 attendees
  • Record revenues – more than doubling last year
  • Worldwide news and media attention

The attendance of eight Apollo Astronauts was a historic milestone that provided one of the most successful and historic panel discussions ever, as each Apollo veteran told personal stories of triumph and near tragedy as they made their indelible mark on history.

  • Buzz Aldrin – Apollo 11
  • Michael Collins – Apollo 11
  • Walt Cunningham – Apollo 7
  • Charlie Duke – Apollo 16
  • Fred Haise – Apollo 13
  • Harrison Schmitt – Apollo 17
  • Rusty Schweickart – Apollo 9
  • Al Warden – Apollo 15

We were equally excited that we could salute our esteemed colleagues in exploration with our Club’s highest awards.

  • Dr. Kenneth Lacovara – The Explorers Medal
  • Michael Barth – The Citation of Merit
  • Dr. James McClintock – The Finn Ronne Memorial Award
  • Milbry Polk – The Sweeney Medal
  • Ian Mangiardi – The New Explorer Award

We are looking forward to a one-hour television special that will feature our ECAD Dinner and a salute to Apollo on The Discovery Channel this summer.  We will keep you advised once the air date is set.

ECAD, 3/16/2019

We’re already busy planning ECAD 2020, which promises to be every bit as historic and exciting, and we look forward to seeing you during the year at upcoming Club events.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts going forward and I urge you to get in touch with any ideas you may have, at

With Kind Regards,

Richard Wiese
The Explorers Club

Club Fellow, Jimmy Chin, Wins Oscar

Dear Fellow Explorers:

We join in congratulating Club Fellow Jimmy Chin, co-director of the documentary Free Solo, on winning the Oscar for his extraordinary film.

Four years in the making, the National Geographic documentary tells the dramatic story of rock climber Alex Honnold’s 3,000 foot ascent of near sheer vertical rock on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with no safety equipment whatsoever, not even a rope. The production of the film was described as almost as difficult as the climb itself.

We salute Jimmy, his wife and co-director Chai Vasarhelyi, their entire team and Alex Honnold, on this major achievement.

With kind regards,

Richard Wiese
The Explorers Club

The Secret Travel Club That’s Been Everywhere

Fellow Explorers:

We are delighted to share with you a recent in-depth look at The Explorers Club written for the BBC.

Published worldwide, the report centers on the pillars of the Club’s strategic building blocks as outlined at the last TEC Board meeting by Club President Richard Wiese – “Inspiration” and “Camaraderie.”

It discusses our mission, our focus, our extraordinary history, and our accomplished membership.

Please click here to read this impressive look at The Explorers Club as the BBC takes you inside our extraordinary headquarters building on E. 70th St. in New York.


Bill Liss
Communications Chair
Member of the Board of Directors

Planet Earth Symposium – May 9-10

Planet Earth: A Scientific Journey

May 9-10, 2019
Aula Magna
Stockholm University
Frescativägen 6, 114 18, Sweden

The symposium will focus on a subject of crucial importance to all, the planet that we live on. The program will look at the planet from its very beginnings, consider the origin of life and evolution in its various forms. It will also investigate physical earth, offering an assessment of the planet, its current inhabitants and the biodiversity that support these. We will consider what science might hold for the planet’s future, including examples of how science is already positioned to enhance and help sustain our world. The outstanding roster of speakers offer a broad range of disciplines and experience, together providing an especially exciting and synergistic compilation of knowledge. In keeping with the Molecular Frontiers mission, the program seeks to educate, inspire and share the promise of discovery, to all those who participate.

The Molecular Frontiers symposia especially seek to encourage and foster scientific interest of young people. To ensure as wide an audience as possible, a number of carefully selected student Ambassadors from around the world have been actively spreading the word and engaging colleagues to participate in the program. Those of high school age have been invited to submit possible future earth models that identify opportunities and challenges for the planet going forward. The winning submissions will receive the Molecular Frontiers Journal Award.


Are you a high school student who gets excited about the idea of helping the planet?
Do you have big ideas about providing solutions for challenges and opportunities for future earth? We want to hear them!

We are accepting proposals and ideas for a future earth from high school students across the globe. Get creative!

Topic: To identify opportunities and challenges ahead for our future earth and come up with solutions for these.
Eligibility requirements: To qualify you must be enrolled in high school or home school. Entries must be submitted before February 28th, 2019.
Prizes: Submissions determined as best by the jury will be selected for display during the symposium in May 2019. 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize entries will receive the Molecular Frontiers Journal prize and will be invited to produce an article for its digital open-access publication.


Community of Bameno Presentation on Jan 4

Join us at The Saint Louis Woman’s Club

January 4, 2019

for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime program featuring Penti Baihua, Chief of the Waorani Community of Bameno

Through his interpreter, Chief Penti will explain the plight of his people to preserve and protect their rain forest homeland and their Waorani way of life. The story Chief Penti tells

will be a once-in-a-lifetime encounter!

11 a.m. Punch Bowl
11:30 a.m. Program

12:15 Lunch


Small Green Salad with Poppy Seed Mustard Dressing

French Bread and Butter

Roasted Monk Fish with Curried Mussel Broth

Lemon Gelato with Fresh Berries


For reservations and payment please contact the General Manager at 367-0700 no later than December 28, 2018.  When making your reservation, please indicate any individuals with whom you would like to be seated. The Club accepts either check or credit card for payment in advance.  If paying by check, please make checks out to The Saint Louis Woman’s Club and mail to The Saint Louis Woman’s Club, 4600 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108.  If paying A 3 percent convenience fee will be added to all credit card transactions (3.5% if paying with an American Express).  Any wine or other alcohol will be on a cash-only basis.

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